Reviews are designed for readers and often make a book more marketable. They are important and are there for readers to connect and engage, an avenue to discuss what worked and what didn’t, and why other readers might enjoy a title or want to make a different choice. Reviews are not designed for writers.

Regardless, I most certainly read my book reviews. Curiosity is a basic human characteristic and it is not uncommon to wonder what people think of your writing. I know that a bad review is simply one person’s opinion and I let it roll off my back. On the other hand, a good review warms my heart and brightens my life. It is the inspiration to write another book – one even better than the last one.

Fact is:

  • We are often our own worst critics.
  • And when it comes to sales, book reviews are not the end-all, be-all.
  • Bad reviews only mean one thing: you’re a published author.
  • Nowadays many people discover books the old fashioned way: word of mouth.

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