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With 2022 behind us, I think we can all agree on one thing – the last few years have been challenging. With the worst of the pandemic (hopefully) behind us, many people have emerged with a new look at their lives. They are looking around, and wondering: What do I want to do with my life?

We all have dreams, goals, and aspirations we wish to achieve.

As youngsters, we imagined the perfect life. We imagined being able to work anywhere in the world, enjoying our dream job, and building a family we’ve always wanted.

Then, we grew up and realized that adult life isn’t as simple as we had thought. In truth, being an adult is difficult.

The tricky part: connecting the dots between what we want and how to achieve those things. Laying down a step-by-step framework provides a pathway between the two, revealing how to get what you want in life by embracing change.

The following questions are designed to get you thinking about what lights you up, what drains your energy, what’s holding you back, and where you ultimately hope to end up in life.

12 Questions that will start reinventing your life.

  1. If the obstacle of money was removed, how would your life look?
  2. What productive activities do you spend time doing that make you happy?
  3. What traits and values do the people you most admire have in common?
  4. How much money do you *really* need to be happy?
  5. How would you like someone to describe you?
  6. Are you driven to do things only because it makes other people validate you?
  7. What do you most look forward to each day?
  8. When was the last time you felt a big rush of satisfaction?
  9. What did you like doing when you were younger and lost touch with?
  10. Which habit do you most wish you could work on getting rid of?
  11. What do you want to be remembered for?
  12. Think about the one thing you have always wanted to do but have never tried.

Give these questions some thought. It will put you at least a few steps down the path to inventing a new you for 2023.

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