There are certain things all writers need: inspiration, creativity, dedication, and talent. But there’s one thing that’s more important than all these elements combined. The one thing that’s guaranteed to help you become a productive, prolific writer is a writing routine.

A solid writing routine makes a solid writer. Not skill, not plot, not character development. Create and stick to the same routine every single day.

Writing routines are more than just picking a time of day to write. A writing routine contains steps that you follow each time you write to make sure you’re writing consistently, triggering your creativity and boosting your productivity.

For me, as soon as the opening sentence is clear, the book evolves clearly in my mind—plots, tone, form,  characters.

I ordinarily write three or four handwritten pages and then rework them for two hours. I can work for four hours, or forty-five minutes. It’s not a matter of time. I set a realistic objective: how can I inch along to the next paragraph? Inching is what it is. It’s not: how can I handle the next chapter? How can I get to the next stage in a way that I like? I think about that as I walk the dog or walk the twenty minutes from my apartment to the studio where I work.

Unleash the novel inside you

with compelling characters,

intricate worlds,

and fine-tuned prose.

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