We change our haircuts, our style of clothing and our minds. At some point we may change names, titles, labels. Ever since being a small child we have adjusted to blend in or to stand out. Through the years we outgrow relationships, abandon dreams for new ones, and start fresh. We seize control of our stories. We make resolutions.

Nobody knows this better than I do, who’s made a career of embracing many roles: financial advisor,  sailor, producer of documentaries, author, mentor, marketer, editor.

Although change is acknowledged as inevitable, there is a concept of transformation that points out that the phrase ‘reinvent the wheel’ is generally preceded by the warning ‘don’t’.

All of those ‘don’ts’ have not stopped reinvention, which has played a pivotal role in the histories of everyone.

Science confirms that we are completely different people at age 77 as opposed to age 14.

Not only has the body’s chemistry changed, but the personality is almost unrecognisable. Identifying and celebrating the gains that come with getting older can be beneficial in seeing aging as an honour and natural part of life.

Writing has evolved in response to human needs and fashions. Literature is more than just stories. It is more than entertainment. Over the years, literature has inspired change that has rocked the world.

Because of changes in language, thinking and acceptability, the ‘lifestyle’ of the world has altered what we write. The things we write about has expanded or evolved. The stories told—the ones readers want—are more complex, inclusive and touch on subjects once thought of as inappropriate or even taboo. But as surely as the world turns, it changes. Our everchanging existence demands that our writing must keep up, to keep readers engaged.

Our writing instruments actively shape the limits and expanse of what we have to say. It is interesting that we write differently with a fountain pen than with a crayon or a computer. Because they each feel different in our hands, we write and think different kinds of things.

Change may not be liked by all, but in the world of writing change has made it better. 

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