Every traveler has their ultimate list of things to experience around the world. Walk on the Great Wall of China, swim with sharks, chase the northern lights, sail the South Pacific. Or trek across the north of England. What’s on your travel bucket list?

Since time immemorial, humans and animals alike; have valued the importance of travel. One of the greatest advantages of travel is that it takes you on a journey into new worlds. Traveling allows you to meet people of different cultures, with diverse traditions and distinctive lifestyles.

My adventure began with a small sailing journey around Vancouver Island. Not for one moment did I imagine that it would lead to something much more wonderful, memorable and unbelievably amazing; a passage to Alaska, sailing down the west coast of the United States, then on to various places in Mexico before making a sharp right-hand turn and exploring the South Pacific.

I had an adventure beyond many people’s dreams; sea, sand and sunshine, palm trees swaying in the hot breeze. Adventure is the Pacific Ocean lapping against the hull of the sailboat, wind singing in the rigging and tranquility in paradise.

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