For: adult and young adult

Science fiction


UFO, Aliens


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wrote Măjitópiă, this science-fiction youth novel, because I am fearful for the state of the world, terrified of the climatic damage we have caused the earth and wonder if there is any way for mankind to escape extinction.


Professor Harris had, for decades, been secretly working to create a perfect being – a creature that could survive in even the worst of climatic disasters. If he had measured it correctly such a mortal would be able to live in the sea as well as on land and when the world was doomed might escape possible extinction. Now, as unbelievable as it sounded, it appeared as though someone else had out-foxed him at his own game and had developed one of those super beings. No one stood up and took credit, leaving him even more perplexed, and his suspicions rose even higher. When Harris daringly suggested that some alien civilization had created the perfect creature, he had guessed correctly and would have been shocked to know that ZëmKórians had long ago landed on earth. They came from ZëmKór with three tasks to accomplish. But, far more than learning who the creator was, Harris wanted to get his hands on one of those creatures, for certainly, if he had the opportunity to inspect such a being…well…he would be that much closer to creating one of his own.

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