Teacher/student relationships,


forbidden love,


AUTHOR’S NOTE: why I wrote ‘Please Teacher’- Teacher arrests are at all-time highs, in connection with student relationships. But are those students falsely accusing teachers to teach women a lesson?


FORBIDDEN LOVE: student-teacher relationship

Victoria was a young, naïve, single school teacher. Her only desire was to be respected at her job. The boys in her class teased and jostled for her approval. At first it appeared little more than classroom banter. All teachers were warned that it was every young boy’s dream to entice a young, pretty teacher into a sexual tryst. Very soon male students became rivals. 

In her innocence, Victoria had no idea how a touch or a glance could easily be misinterpreted, labeling a teacher as a sexual predator. Victoria thought she could control any situation until she found herself caught in the web of forbidden love.

Unconditional love is when two souls have a single thought,
when two hearts beat as one.
They dance to the same tune
and sing the same song.
But what does one do when love is found
in the wrong place?

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