An emotional story of a relationship

established following the death of a sibling.

Death, love, grief


Stockholm syndrome

spousal abuse


why I wrote ‘Love Nevermore’ – Domestic abuse remains an immensely under-reported crime with an estimated 25% of domestic violence incidents are reported. 44% of women or 6.2 million women aged 15 and older have reported some kind of abuse in their intimate partner relationship. The long-term effects of abuse include physical and mental health. 

Consumed with the grief of her dead sister, Alexis vowed to never love again. When she was most vulnerable, Steve swept into her life, rescuing her like a knight in shining armour. The walls that protected her heart crumbled and fell. He was her saviour, taking away all that grief and it felt so good to be alive – to be loved.

All too late, Alexis discovered what Steve was all about. Held emotionally captive, heavy curtains hid the horrors that went on behind closed doors. Too afraid to leave, Alexis knew she was bound to him until parted by death. Consumed with the belief that the victim needs the abuser, Alexis fell into the trap of Stockholm Syndrome. Imprisoned in a marriage of mental and physical abuse the victim can become unpredictable.

This book explores the psychological effects that years of mental and physical abuse can cause. Trauma generates feelings of shame, and guilt. Stages of trauma responses include the 6 Fs: Freeze, Flight, Fight, Fright, Flag (nervous system shut-down) and Faint. On more than once instance, Alexis felt all six responses at the same time.

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