Appointment With Death  

Contemporary fiction

love, death,

murder mystery

AUTHOR’S NOTE: why I wrote ‘Appointment With Death’- details coming soon

Rob’s life had been turned upside down. He was charged with the murder of his pregnant wife, Janet. Kara found it hard to believe that Janet was dead. She was even more shocked to learn that her boyfriend, of fifteen years past, was on trial for murder. Kara was outraged when Rob was found guilty. Driven with the flame, from her teenage years, Kara ran to his aid. Very quickly, she was ready to jump into a heated relationship, albeit with him behind bars. Kara read every court transcript. In her mind, the evidence appeared to be circumstantial. Rob had been wrongfully convicted. There was grounds for an appeal. After weeks of pushback, she was certain he would die in jail. If she could get his conviction overturned, Kara saw herself as Rob’s bride, just as she was always been meant to be.