12 1/2 Angels

Content: Religion and atonement

For: adults and young adults

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Why I wrote ’12 1/2 Angels’: (details coming soon)

Mario Flagstaff was a miserly skinflint though he would have been first to deny such a thing. When he died, by choking on a smoked-gouda stuffed-olive, non-believers snickered thinking the whole thing to be a hoax – Mario pulling one of his funnies – though his jokes were never a laugh. No one believed that Mario, a man so full of life and his own big ego, would ever die.

Mario narrowly escaped being tossed into the fiery inferno, then made the long climb up to Heaven, certain the Pearly Gates would be swinging wildly, welcoming the multi-billionaire into heaven. But the gates were locked up tighter than a clam with lock-jaw. Mario was in purgatory – limbo – awaiting Judgement Day. Even more astonishing to Mario was that Archangel Jeremiel expected him to pay penance for his greedy ways. Mario soon learned that his massive wealth accounted for nothing and he had to earn his way into heaven. ​​​​​​​Archangel Jeremiel gave Mario 13 assignments in an effort to teach him kindness and compassion. The archangel had also hoped Mario would discover how greedy and uncaring he had been.

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