January is far more than the beginning of another year, the coldest month in the northern hemisphere and about setting new goals.

  • January is named after the two headed Roman god Janus, who was able to look back to the previous year and forward to the new one.
  •  January was called “Wulfmonath”, by the Anglo-Saxons, because it was when hungry wolves came scavenging at people’s doors.
  • The birthstone for January is the garnet; the flower is the carnation.
  • The only Shakespeare plays that mention January are Much Ado About Nothing and Winter’s Tale.
  • The divorce and/or separation rate is higher in January than in any other month.
  • January 1st is both the furthest away and closest day to December 31st.
  • Bears and woodchucks go into hibernation.

January: Fresh Air, Fresh Air Everywhere!

Go outside: build a snowman, snow-fort or snow-angel. Go sledding or catch a snowflake on your tongue. Hit the slopes, go skating, snow shoeing or sledding.