One of the oldest and most debated questions of all time is whether our lives are governed by fate or by our personal choice.
Fate is something that’s already planned to happen. No matter what you do you will always end up however your fate is supposed to be. Chance to me means you have a choose in all things that happen in your life.

Some thinkers suggest we the masters of our own destinies suggesting that, “Time decides what you do in life, your heart decides what you want in your life, and your behaviour determines where that leads in your life” 

Then there is destiny. To have been born and to eventually surrender to death are inescapable examples of the force known as destiny. Destiny will prevail, regardless of what one may do to defeat its grip in this existence. It is a strange that poverty amid the poor is fated, yet the rich are always destined to succeed.

In the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, chance, fate and choice played an important role. Chance is events that happened purely by luck, good and bad. Fate is predestined events that had already been decided for the characters. Chance and fate are intertwined in Romeo and Juliet, and many of the events in the play can be seen as both. Choice is free will, what the characters decided to do regardless of what may or may not be the right thing to do. These three ideas play a significant role in the actions of the play.


is unpredictable events that happened purely by accident. One incident is when the servant of Capulet asked Romeo to read the invitation list for him. It was coincidence that Romeo and Benvolio happened to be walking on the same street as the servant, and it just happened that that servant could not read. Another example is when Romeo met with Juliet. Out of the numerous girls at the party hosted by Capulet, Romeo saw Juliet, and was struck by her beauty. Also, it was bad luck when Romeo wasn’t able to receive Friar Lawrence’s letter. Romeo had terrible timing when he arrived at Juliet’s grave, for if he had only gotten there a little later, or waited a little longer, he would have seen Juliet wake up. This is how chance plays an influential role in this play.


is the supposed force or power that predetermines events. Those who believe in fate, such as Romeo, believed that their life was already planned by a higher power, and they could not do anything to change it. While he was in Mantua, Romeo had a dream, where he was dead, and Juliet woke him with a kiss. This foreshadows his death, and it is also ironic because Juliet is the one that is dead at that time. Not only is fate applied to the deaths or Romeo and Juliet, but it can also be applied to the play as a whole.

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