Let us imagine how a world without the written word might function. As an author of twenty five books, this is a self-negating proposition. Without the written word, we would rely entirely on speech. Would the great preserved cultural works be doomed, extinct, the records null and void?

I cannot imagine how a world without writing might function. As an author of fifteen books, this is a self-negating proposition.

I cannot imagine life without writing. But seemingly it is happening – worldwide. One of the biggest changes in modern writing is the slow decay of what are called function words: the articles (the and a) and particles (if, then, and well). These words often get dropped in texts. If this trend continues, we might all be speaking and writing something like Twitterese in the next several hundred years. Sad!

If I could not write:

  • – I would cry.
  • – I cannot imagine life without writing and reading, something, anything.

But if I had to face such a decision I would fulfill my second passion by taking out my camera and doing photography. I love capturing the moment, preserving it forever.  With a creative eye and visual imagination – and a good camera – one can produce amazing pictures. The sobering truth is that it is not easy to make a viable career from photography.

I would still do it. Since when is life easy?

I often look back on my creations, memories of my sailing days, with satisfying pleasure. My collection has more than 30 travel documentaries. Although, I may not be an expert but it is like all art forms; the more one does the better one gets.

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