Storytelling is a powerful tool that great leaders use to motivate the masses and masterful writers harness to create classic literature.

Talented storytellers know something bad storytellers don’t: storytelling is the art of strategically withholding information. Before you begin your story, you have to decide which details to withhold until the end. That maximizes suspense along the way.

Every single day I’m reminded that everyone has a story. Down every street and around every corner is a story waiting to be told. People are longing to read about it. Begin by describing convincing narratives, crafting plausible motivations, within a real world context, and taking your reader on a journey that ultimately leads to satisfaction.

Everyone has a story behind their smile, the moments of pure joy and deep despair.  Envy and self-pity have no place here – they will only keep you stuck and feeling alone and disconnected from others.

There is not a single person that does not have a story, they have been through something that has changed them.

The techniques and delivery methods of good storytelling has changed over time. But the power of storytelling, to move us and provoke a deeper sense of connection between us, has stayed consistent. Developing your storytelling skills and learning how to spin your own experiences into a story takes practice.

Writing isn’t easy and writing a good story is even harder. Remember that good stories often involve death – Dickens aced it!. When you have finished that story, celebrate, then start your next one. The key is to keep writing. The more you write the better you will get.

Story Telling Structure

  • Setup – establish the setting and introduce characters. The Protagonist is the driver of the  story and responsible for achieving the story’s objective. The Antagonist stands in opposition to the protagonist.
  • Conflict – is a necessary element with fiction.
  • Climax – the moment when the protagonist faces the greatest danger and prospect of failure.
  • Resolution – this is when the conflict is resolved.

Everyone has a story that will break your heart.
And, if you’re really paying attention, most people have a story that
will bring you to your knees.” – Brené Brown

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