Writer’ ‘block is viewed by some as a myth, a bane, or an excuse. Understand that writing is an exercise in trust. Some believe that writers’ block is an affliction of luxury, an indisposition reserved for those who have the time to spare.

The fact is: you can write under any circumstance, however this can be much more challenging when you don’t have the carrot of a paycheck or an editor balancing the scales.

When you find yourself faced with a lower yield of creative ideas, it doesn’t mean you will never write again. Begin by re-writing, editing, proofing, or digging up old, half-baked concepts you’ve never put to paper. There are tricks to helping you manage the creative ebbs and tides we’re all forced to deal with.

Use writer’s block as an inspiration – move onto a new book, subject matter, or delve into research. The wider your range of thoughts the more you will have to write.

What causes writers’ block:

  • fear,
  • exhaustion,
  • laziness,
  • busyness,
  • perfectionism,
  • lack of structure.

Tricks to overcoming writers’ block:

  • eliminate distractions,
  • go for a walk – or a run,
  • read a book,
  • talk to a friend,
  • brainstorm ideas.

The possibilities are endless, but movement is critical. You need to generate momentum to get out of your funk. But most importantly keep on writing.

Write about writer’s block, how it affects you and how you are feeling. Maybe a very funny memoir will grow from that.

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