Technology is seductive, and full of color and interactivity — and while this may offer some benefits, it also raises questions.

We all want to raise kids who are smart and focused, especially in a world where digital distraction seems to be inescapable.

“We are all in this together,” he said.

“At the same time when technology is clearly a powerful enhancer and enabler, it is a growing distraction to most of us at home and in schools”.

Too much time on devices means less time having real face-to-face communication, where facial expression, voice and body language all come into play.

Kids also need sufficient amounts of screen time

How much screen time is good for children every day?

“Does 45 minutes seem like the right amount of screen time per day for you?”

If the answer is ‘yes’, then perhaps the same goes for your children.

Companies are motivated to keep kids spending time watching or playing is an important part of teaching media literacy.

Researchers found that the students who reported using digital media many times a day were more likely than their peers to show these symptoms:

  • Inattention, such as difficulty organizing and completing tasks.
  • Hyperactivity-impulsivity, such as having trouble sitting still

It’s impossible to dismiss the many advantages that technology has given us. With the ability to do anything from making travel reservations to research just about anything, the internet has certainly provided us with tools that make life easier.

But at what cost?

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