When we think of creative geniuses, it’s hard to ignore the likes of Mozart who composed his first symphony at age 8, Pablo Picasso, who launched cubism with “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” at age 25 or even Mary Shelley who published Frankenstein as a 20-year-old.

Creativity is the intellectual ability to create, invent or discover and to turn new and imaginative ideas into reality.

Be that person who is full of self-assurance and willing to fly in the face of reason and authority. Don’t let that stand in your way even if you might be considered eccentric. So what…if not for the nonconformist how else would man have landed on the moon?

Isolation is important, that way the brain can continually focus on creativity. Collect your ideas and build on them.

Creativity can be learned.

It’s just that for some of us, it takes a bit more patience and an extra bit of cleverness about how we choose to think. Begin by experimenting, exploring, questioning,  imagining and synthesizing information. It is then that great wonders occur.

If you want to be a better painter, study the masters; if you want to be a more creative writer, read the greats. There’s nothing wrong with getting ideas from the experts.


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