Then you probably are! Pat yourself on the back. Book nerds love books unapologetically. And being the designated book nerd in your family or social circle can be an important job. It brings with it a certain set of expected experiences.

Most everyone knows a book nerd, and if you don’t, you might want to. Book nerds are a different, emotional, special, obsessive, yet intelligent breed of humans and life can be rather boring without having one in your lives.

If someone asks you your greatest hobby and the first thing that comes into your mind is reading books, you are undeniably a book nerd.

Think of your average book nerd. The one who’s ALWAYS got a book, or five, on hand and won’t shut up about what they’re reading.

Life is a bit different for us book lovers. We do weird things like obsess over fictional characters and spend our rent money on our growing book collection. In books, we enter a world that is entirely our own.

We are a diverse breed, and what you’ve got in mind doesn’t sum up everyone.

 Take the book nerd test:

  1. You love the smell of books
  2. You own more books than will fit in the bookshelf
  3. You gift books on birthdays and Christmas
  4. You are currently reading more than one book
  5. You have an unending love of bookshops
  6. You would rather be reading your book than taking this quiz
  7. You have actually done an all-nighter reading a book
  8. Your essentials for leaving the house: wallet, phone, keys and a bopk
  9. You read while working out
  10. Vacation time is reading-time
  11. You got off on the wrong bus stop because you were reading
  12. You cry and laugh out loud when reading
  13. You have converted non-readers into readers
  14. You’ve attended book readings, launches, and signings
  15. If you could have dinner with anybody in the world you’d choose your favourite writer
  16. You tweet, post, blog, or talk about books every day
  17. Whenever someone asks what your favorite book is you end up naming twelve books
  18. You’re a stickler for spelling and grammar, even when you’re texting
  19. You’ve binge-read an entire series
  20. You gave your pet a literary name

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