We begin life with a curious fascination of what is possible in life and what we can become. We all have dreams. Humans have hopes and aspirations, passions and thoughts. Some blossom into brilliant reality while others wither and die before ever taking form. Many look upon the success of others and lives lived with passion and purpose, success and triumph and wonder why for them and not for me? If you don’t try it cannot be you!

Announce your successes. If you do not blow your own horn then someone else might use it as a spittoon. Taken to an extreme, ‘horn blowing’ can produce an experience somewhere between appalling and unpleasant. On the flip side, pride of workmanship and the process of sharing best practices can be done without boasting. If someone has an interest in you, it is not smug or vain to answer the question or even volunteer the information in a respectful way.

Talking about your achievements is not boasting – if it’s true. And being quietly truthful about what you have done shows confidence not arrogance. Why celebrate your success alone – invite your friends.

Blowing your own horn builds self-worth. When that self worth is limitless there is more money, love and quality of life. Tell someone, when you do something that you are really proud of.

“Wow! I did it.”

  • It is up to you to blow your own horn and to make yourself known to the world.
  • Announce your presence!
  • Make your talents known!
  • Do not delay.
  • No one else is going to blow your horn.
  • And if you are waiting for somebody else to make the announcement then you will never be known!

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