Videos – Person to Person

Linda’s experiences,

views on life

and the things around her.

ABOUT LINDA –  growing from a farm-girl to an author.

ROLLER COASTER OF TIME: Where goes the time?

AGING – GETTING OLD: Regardless of what your view is on aging, never regret getting old, for it’s a privilege denied to many.

COOL PEOPLE: Everybody has their own idea of what cool is and who is cool – so to speak. Cool people do cool things. They are thinkers, dreamers, creators and entrepreneurs.

SCENT FREE: Human allergies are on the rise and we’ve done it to ourselves. It stems from the foods we eat AND our approach to feeding newborns to the cosmetics and creams.

LET IT RAIN: I love the rain – which makes me a pluviophile.

GARDEN DWELLER: “I love gardening and I suppose it’s because I was born into it.”

DO WHAT YOU LOVE: “Pursue your dreams or passions.”

MY GREATEST ADVENTURE: sailing off into the deep blue yonder.

A SEASON TO DIVORCE: It seems there is a season for everything – even divorce.

MY SECOND GREATEST ADVENTURE: a 192 mile self-guided cult walk, over an unsignposted footpath, across the north of England.

LIFE CHOICES: There are no mistakes in life and no wrong turns.Learn from every decision and every challenge.

HOMELESSNESS people were once called hobos; transient men, with no family ties, who hopped the rails.They now live on the streets.