They don’t understand

The plight of the long term travellers is that no one seems to care. After a long jaunt around the world you arrive home, excited to share your adventure with your hometown friends. They listen politely and nod their heads as their eyes glaze over, all the while resisting the urge to check their messages on their cell-phone. It appears that no one wants to hear about your great adventure and would rather be talking about anything else; the new shops opening in town or the weather. It’s not that they don’t care, they just don’t understand. It is simply, benign indifference.

But, do not be alarmed for this is a common phenomenon, and scientific studies reveal that it is not jealousy; the problem is context. You have become alien and enviable. And on top of that, your adventures are unrelatable.

When I sailed off into the sunset, I didn’t do it to escape. I did it because I wanted to add a new experience and adventure to my life; to move away from the cookie-cutter life that society had designed for me and those in my community. But, moving toward new things inevitably moves you away from others. I came home eager to share the things I had discovered about the world, but because there was no common thread to follow, not many were interested. They can’t relate.


When you come back home full of stories that most folks really don’t want to hear, recognize that this is the social cost associated with leaving the herd and having unique experiences. Even though there is a price to pay, don’t let it hold you back from having extraordinary experiences.

And, when you arrive home and want to share your adventures, find friends that enjoy the same type of experiences. This is the whole reason why travellers group together. It is a human trait to be more interested in things that inspire and that you can relate to.

So, when your hometown friends get all excited about the new grocery store opening, or the road construction project that is almost finished, try to share their excitement too. Ultimately, your non-travelling friends don’t care about your travels. Therefore, to avoid frustration, share those memories with people that share the same interests.

I realize that it does not matter where you travel, people are struggling to get along, Life is just life, whether a person is north or southof the equator, or int heeastern or western hemisphere. Many people have traveled far. It is far more important, to have  travelled deep.
I have bathed in serene turquoise waters, rocked in a hammock and dined on an Tongan feast. I created friendships with total strangers. I faced dangers head on and learned how to navigate difficult situations. These experiences gave me new perspectives, experiences, and friendships that I will treasure forever. After my life-changing experiences, I am different. I am a changed human being, far from being the same person I was before I had left! 
To all the fellow travellers out there – keep on travelling
there is always someone waiting to hear of your adventure.