Mentorship Services for Authors

The best time to hire a writing coach, to bring clarity and depth to your novel, is at or near the beginning.

A writing coach helps the writer organize his/her project, determine a schedule, and set a completion date. We will discusses the stages of your writing project, including an initial outline, preliminary research, and a revised outline.

It is important to develop a clear and compelling plot, determine tone, style, and voice – keeping in mind plot, and themes, while posing questions that will extend your story.

A writing coach can help short story writers, and novelists, as well as authors of nonfiction works, including articles, reports, and book manuscripts. Our goal is to help the writer find the heart of the content, determine what works and what needs work, how to carry out research, and how to frame and organize the material. We will be your personal mentor, helping you focus, while providing an objective perspective, positive guidance and encouragement.

Mentorship walks you through the steps of finishing your manuscript long before seeking an agent or publisher. Together, we will ensure there is tension, depth, intrigue, and heart to your story.

A writing coach:

  • can assit in getting that ‘almost ready’ manuscript well on the way to completion
  • guides you through every step of planning, writing, publishing, and promoting your book
  • helps you set realistic deadlines and create a schedule for meeting them
  • clarifies publishing options

Mentoring relationships are highly valuable to help you learn, navigate, grow, and obtain or hone your skill sets. People who are dedicated to their own success seek mentors.

Rate: $80 per hour.

Bulk rates are available:

get 6 hours for the price of 5 hours

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