Blackbeard’s Buried Treasure



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Blackbeard, the most notorious of pirates, wreaked havoc and plundered where ever he went. Davey saw Blackbeard as a hero and believed that the pirate had used Nova Scotia’s harbours as his secret hide out, where he had sailed the Queen Anne’s Revenge and where he had buried his treasures. Davey planned to one day find the pirate’s hoard and with those riches, he would buy himself a lobster fishing boat. But he was not in any hurry to dig up the treasure because he was only ten years old. In his mind the treasure simply awaited him, as it had for hundreds of years.

But when Clem, a stranger, moved into the abandoned cabin next door Davey became suspicious. Very soon evidence began mounting up that the stranger was there to hunt for Blackbeard’s cache. Suddenly it seemed that Blackbeard’s treasure was about to be stolen right out from under Davey’s very feet.

Fate had moved the hands of the clock forward and it was time for Davey to get out a spade of his own. Davey’s challenge was to outfox old man Clem by finding Blackbeard’s buried treasure first.