Understanding Men & Knowing Women


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How to stay married.

Find out what makes a woman happy.

And why people divorce.

Marriage is a combination of friendship, communication and emotions.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: why I wrote ‘The Idiot’s Guide to Keeping a Woman’ – details coming soon

The Idiot’s Guide to Keeping a Woman

In a perfect world, a man would have one true and lasting love, and his true love would be there to walk him through to old age. It takes a great deal of work to woo a woman – and even more to keep her. Once you have found that perfect love and made the next step, into marriage or a common-law relationship, your work has just begun. There are many things that have to be considered beyond friendship, communication and emotions. But, most important is learning to understand a woman. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but it is how couples deal with issues that can make or break the bond.  Recognize why people divorce. Understand a woman’s sexual needs and unravel the secrets that it takes to keep her.

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Find out how complicated men really are.

Marriage without conflict.

Understand the roller coaster ride of career, family, parenting, stress and emotions.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: why I wrote ‘The Secrets to Understanding a Man’ – details coming soon

The Secrets to Understanding a Man

Most women are searching for that perfect partner, that undeniably beautiful love that will last forever. In a perfect relationship your deepest desires would be met and life would slide along without conflict. Marriage can be a roller coaster ride of challenges, career, family, parenting, stress, conflict and emotions, all made easier to deal with when both are willing to bend to the other. And because men and women are so different, in the way that they think, the way that they approach a situation and the way that they communicate, women often see men as complicated. But are men really so complicated? Your relationship can be much stronger and long-lasting when you better understand your man.

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