The Twisted Spire

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The Twisted Spire

The Twisted Spire



The world was descending into chaos: wars, sickness, famine, climate change, irregular weather patterns and general unrest. One person, a priest, had the power to intervene. With a shaking hand he scripted an obscure, cryptic riddle on five scraps of ancient papyrus scroll. A copy of the riddle, together with an unusual gemstone, was tucked inside five silk satchels then delivered to each of his chosen ones. A chilling dampness filled the little church; lingering, enveloping and clinging. He paced and listened to the torrential rains beating down, the howling winds and the mournful cries of the gulls. The cold pierced the weaving of his cassock. He was terrified that he had hesitated for too long.

In this spiritual novel the reader is introduced to the many religions and various dimensions of spirituality while journeying to many exotic places. The characters in this novel are very different, yet their lives are ever so intricately woven, like the fine stitches on a piece of fabric. And, regardless of wealth or poverty, material possessions and trivial concerns mattered very little in the end.

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An interesting group of characters and a plot that kept me turning the pages. I enjoyed following each of them through their journey to find the solution to the mysterious puzzle they became unwittingly involved in. Linda Wasylciw is clearly a well-travelled person as she takes us to many different parts of the world in this novel.