Some Play Chess

Some Play Chess - Novel of dating websites, sex addiction - deceitful controlling and abusive -

Some Play Chess

Some Play Chess



In this modern world of too much money that discontented wife no longer gains pleasure from buying a new pair of shoes and the frazzled husband has lost interest in fitting new gadgets on his car, making it easy, too easy, to move from consumerism to physical pleasures. And with online websites so readily available there are more than enough ways to dabble.

Jessica’s husband, Kenneth Lund, surprised her on their tenth wedding anniversary with an unaccustomed night of wild sex. It was hot and spicy and she loved it, making it easy, too easy, to shift their sex-life from mundane to erotic, one clouded by too much booze. Jessica was, at first, embarrassed by what they had done in the privacy of their bedroom and would have been shocked to learn that many other couples went far beyond anything Kenneth had introduced her to; namely group recreational sex available through websites such as Callisto Akantha with its daring motto ‘Be audacious. Have sex’.

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A very interesting and thought provoking novel from new Canadian writer Linda Wasylciw. This novel may not be for everyone, but if you enjoy a novel about bondage in a relationship, spiced with explicit sexual situations, this book is for you.

Format: Paperback

Could not put this down. And halfway through checkmate. I find Linda’s writing addicting