Love Nevermore


Love, grief, death and

spousal abuse.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: why I wrote ‘Love Nevermore’ – details coming soon



Steve swept into Alexis’ life, like a knight in shining armour, right after her Granny Mae had died and when Alexis was most vulnerable. Alexis was grieving. Consumed with sorrow, she vowed that she would love nevermore. But when Steve wrapped his arms around her those walls that protected her heart crumbled and fell. Steve was good looking in a rakish kind of way and Alexis welcomed him into her arms. It felt so good to be alive, to be loved. Alexis gradually pushed her grief aside, which made it so easy to love once again. Then very quickly she became servile, compliant and submissive. To many it appeared that she was a spineless wife with no dreams of her own, a wife doing her husband’s bidding. She served him dutifully, hiding the ugly secret of what went on behind closed doors, hidden behind drawn curtains. Alexis never should have loved again.