Coaching videos

Stuck with writer’s block?

Spinning your wheels with your plot?

Struggling with the right title?

Bogged down with marketing?

At the end of your rope with finding a publisher?

Imagine how different it must have been when Wordsworth, Dickens and Hardy were turning out novels. In many ways it was likely easier – the competition was certainly less, plus they simply walked into a publishing company to have their books produced and distributed. On the other hand they had to painstakingly make copy after copy, by hand, not having the convenience of a computer program to revise, edit and delete. Technology has made our lives easier – while also increasing the competition – and making it hard to get known. There is no easy way to get one’s head above the crowd.

After months and years

of research I’ve complied what I’ve learned

into short videos.

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I hope they’re helpful.