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Dec - 12 2017

good morning.

Happiness – an inside job

Dec - 07 2017

Happiness is often described as a range of positive emotions, including joy, contentment, love and gratitude. When in fact, this is only one component. The second ingredient to finding happiness is achieving satisfaction in life – making a progression towards a life goal. But be careful. All too often people score a goal then, rather than enjoying the   [ Read More … ]

Elves, Pixies, Leprechauns and Dwarfs

Dec - 05 2017

#ProfesssorScry writes about elves #Elfinville. If one sits, quietly, at night under the glow of a moon, the air suddenly comes alive with flashes of lights. It is a time of day when fireflies or lighting bugs, moths and other nocturnal creatures come out. Of course we are taught that it is only the insects   [ Read More … ]

The Power of Pretending

Nov - 30 2017

  Making believe is healthy and a part of early childhood that transports the reader into other worlds that are fresh with wonder, surprise, and danger. Fantasy fills the gaps between knowledge, reality and experience, and becomes a vital coping mechanism. It also stimulates and instructs the moral imagination of the young. Ever since early   [ Read More … ]

Smarter children read

Nov - 23 2017

All parents want bright, smart children and, as a parent, you have the power to boost your children’s learning potential simply by making books an integral part of their lives. When parents read to their children the children’s behavior and academic performance increases and it also reflects a difference in their brain activity Reading, one   [ Read More … ]

It’s your mess – clean it

Nov - 16 2017

A clean home is a happy home. The same goes for the earth yet we are destroying the planet with pollutants. The earth will survive virtually whatever is thrown at it – mankind will not . How smart is that? The fact is: humans are sending the earth towards the 6th Mass Extinction. Oceans are becoming warmer and   [ Read More … ]

Witches bewitch the reader

Nov - 09 2017

Stories about witches and witchcraft hold fascination between the good and evil, putting the power of female characters at the center of the story and defining the character, even when they aren’t the heroes of the story. And, everyone loves a witch hunt. Increasingly, young girl-readers want to be the leader, to have the adventure, to do the   [ Read More … ]

Villains get a bad rap

Nov - 02 2017

Yet, without them the story would go nowhere, it would be boring. Villains are multidimensional and seem to have more going on behind their eyes than the dazzling damsel who awaits rescue. How can you not like the witch from Hansel and Gretel? The giant from Jack and the Beanstalk? And then there is the   [ Read More … ]


Dec - 08 2016

It’s a ghost of a story. The old house creaked and groaned, things went missing, doors banged, shadows moved from room to room and dead animals were found in unusual places. Curiously, after weeks of searching, no one could find the one key that led to the tower, the only place in Collingwood House to   [ Read More … ]

LYDIA – in time for Xmas

Nov - 17 2016

Newly published #Lydia hated that she and her family were moving – what was worse the real estate listing indicated that the house was haunted. Everything seemed to be working against her. They moved anyway, far away from friends and family and to the seaside. Strangely, the one room, the tower, that she really wanted   [ Read More … ]

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