Canadian Literature

Mar - 13 2018

You asked if where I live affects my writing? The answer is ‘Yes, it does, very much.’ My novels are about Canadian places, fictional characters and real social concerns that Canadians face or have faced. When I went sailing, I thought I would write about the many places I would visit – to share the various cultures.   [ Read More … ]

Daylight saving time – why bother?

Mar - 11 2018

Daylight saving time is incredibly disruptive, pointless and a hassle. The very idea that you can gain or lose an hour is at best theoretical. It generates confusion AND confusion generates bad will. I am among the many who do not like it. Daylight saving was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin, in 1784, and shot down by many   [ Read More … ]

My literary pilgrimages

Mar - 08 2018

You asked! I suppose you could say that I have been on three pilgrimages – even though they were done on the same holiday. It was eerily heartfelt to walk where they had walked, to touch the very walls where they had lived and to sit where they had sat. WILLIAM WORDSWORTH 1770 – 1850   [ Read More … ]

“I shall be in solitary.”

Mar - 06 2018

Social butterfly or recluse? There are many times in my life when I look at life and think how simple it would be as a recluse, to live in social solitude. Living outside of the world’s problems tends to slow everything down. It allows a person to live completely in the present, with time to see a caterpillar become a butterfly   [ Read More … ]

Use rejection to your advantage

Mar - 04 2018

Most people fear failure, criticism and rejection even though there is always a real possibility that it will occur. Then, when it happens it sucks and not surprisingly it hurts more than you expected. No one likes to be rejected but think of it as only a hiccup. Do not waste your time wallowing in misery – when clearly you have more   [ Read More … ]

No Means No – #MeToo

Mar - 02 2018

Abuse in any form is never an easy subject to write about. The key is to find that equitable balance to ensure the theme is not exaggerated.   Rape culture, or victim blaming, a term coined by feminists in the 1970’s, has been a part of society for centuries. The term was designed to show the ways in which society blamed victims of sexual assault   [ Read More … ]

Cracking the code on cool

Feb - 28 2018

Being cool isn’t about what other people think, it’s your perception of yourself. Cool people are generally thinkers, dreamers, creators and entrepreneurs and are more likely to be confident, successful, trendy, individual and have a sense of humour. Cool people are also nice to others. They are social and semi-gentrified. Winning is cool but cool people know that to do   [ Read More … ]

Reading is a human right

Feb - 26 2018

Freedom to Read Week: February 25 – March 3, 2018. The right to read is essential to our democracy and is among our greatest freedoms. The written word is the natural medium for a new idea and the untried voice, from which comes contributions to social growth. Certain Canadians have long tried to remove books and   [ Read More … ]

A Wrinkle in Time

Feb - 23 2018

The clock ticks, time bends, space shifts, and Oprah is the planet-hopping tour guide. Meg Murry has to save the world and goes out in the universe to slay the darkness. The story also says a lot about slaying our own dragons and does not talk down to its readers, believing them able to grasp the difficult concepts of mathematics, love   [ Read More … ]

The colour of lips

Feb - 22 2018

Since the dawn of prehistoric times, humans always had the need to distinguish themselves among others. About 5,000 years ago, ancient Sumerian men and women invented and wore lipstick. They crushed gemstones and used them to decorate their faces, mainly on the lips and around the eyes.  Cleopatra crushed bugs to create the colour of red   [ Read More … ]

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