Sabbaticals make bad business sense

Oct - 18 2017

Sabbatical: a term dating back to Mosaic law, when farmers left land fallow for one year after six consecutive harvests. For the past twelve years I have kept a rigorous schedule producing travel documentaries and writing. This summer I began a six month sabbatical from writing. On my desk-top are four ‘first drafts’ awaiting my attention and one   [ Read More … ]

The Art of Writing

Aug - 03 2017

Good writing contains three critical ingredients: content, organization, and style. Good writing can be an eternal challenge, beginning with research, writing, editing, which is then followed by tedious hours of rewriting. It begins with the sentence, civilization’s greatest single invention – whereby a series of words are strung together. Simply let your passion flow. Write   [ Read More … ]

Addressing Writer’s Block

Jul - 27 2017

Afflcited? Rest assured that you are not alone. Your brain has turned to mush, you don’t have an inspirational word left in you and you want to launch the whole miserable idea of being an author into space. Stop right there. Before you admit defeat: forget that deadline that you had set for yourself and   [ Read More … ]

Authors Facing Rejection

Jul - 20 2017

There are likely more than a gazillion reasons for an author to experience rejection so don’t waste your time analyzing it. Rejection is a nagging suggestion that authors don’t measure up but not all rejection is bad. Firstly, rejection is a sure sign that you are in the game – obviously you have written a book,   [ Read More … ]

Writing Start to Finish

Jul - 13 2017

Every author has a style of their own, but the end result is always the same: a title, a book cover with a blurb for the back and a completed manuscript pressed between the covers. Your outline will begin with varying degrees of plotting, planning followed by writing, reading, editing and rewriting and often times   [ Read More … ]

Self Publishing Novels

Jul - 06 2017

With technology moving faster than we can keep pace, a growing number of authors are turning out manuscripts.  Self publishing allows authors to get their books published without a employing a publishing company. Amazon Publishing has created the perfect system where the author has full control and books are printed on demand.  With the growing   [ Read More … ]

Success starts with Believing

Jun - 29 2017

So, the best way to approach anything is by believing in yourself. Believing can be the deal-breaker to success. Do not short change yourself. All too many people fail to live the life they had hoped, never realizing their ambitions and gave up on their dreams because they did not believe in their own potential.   [ Read More … ]

Productive Writing

Jun - 22 2017

Feeling stressed, tired, fatigued, rushed, drained and zapped? If so your output is likely at zero.  Whatever your input directly affects your output. High productivity requires good health, disciple, determination, focus, deadlines and commitment. But above all it takes stamina and determination. If you do not really care if you climb that mountain you will never set the world   [ Read More … ]

Padding vs Fleshing Writing

Jun - 15 2017

A writer’s first drafts are often a bit skimpy and a tad short. Don’t panic…it is only the first draft. The trick is how to add substance, make the scenes stronger and flesh out a story – rather than just padding. If a story is padded it is packed with inconsequential detail that makes the   [ Read More … ]

Mentors and Mentoring

Jun - 08 2017

Mentoring is an empowerment tool that can be traced back to ancient Greece. It was once used as a technique to convey important social, spiritual and personal values. An inspirational coach will shape the other person’s character, values, self-awareness, empathy, and capacity for respect as well as having a huge impact on that individual’s personal development. The power of mentoring is a complex   [ Read More … ]

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