Language has immense power

Apr - 02 2018

Language is the fuel we use to empower our desires and it’s impact depends on how it is wielded. Words are a powerful influence and describe things – ourselves and others. The way on which it is done affects how a person responds, thinks and acts. There is the “power of language” – to educate – or the “language of   [ Read More … ]

Series or stand-alones

Mar - 30 2018

Sometimes readers just need to get away from a series and welcome a good stand-alone novel. However, there is nothing more frustrating than getting to the end of what you thought was a really great standalone novel to realize that it is the END OF BOOK ONE. How disappointing! Stand-alones are a single book. Series follow the same story   [ Read More … ]

Writing with emotions

Mar - 29 2018

Emotional communication is a skill that some people are better at delivering than others. As an author it is your responsibility to completely convey the emotion suited to the story. Everyone knows what it feels like to experience anger, frustration, happiness, ecstatic, and fear. Now put it in writing. The famous axiom for fiction writers is: show, don’t   [ Read More … ]

Once asked – is your subject matter ‘original’

Mar - 27 2018

If real concerns, social issues and topical subjects are original then the answer is ‘Yes”. I have written about: – climate change, – abuse of women, – homelessness, – sex addiction, – murder plus so much more. These are topics that few of us really want to think about it but I write about them because I worry about   [ Read More … ]

Writing under a pseudonym

Mar - 26 2018

I knew, from the moment I decided to write youth novels, that I would write under a pseudonym. Why? Not because many of the greatest names in literature were ‘invented’ but because I wanted a defining line between my adult novels and my youth novels; primarily because of the seriousness of the adult subject matters.   [ Read More … ]

Dreaded writers’ block

Mar - 23 2018

Writers block is viewed by some as a myth, a bane, or an excuse. Understand that writing is an exercise in trust. Some believe that writer’s block is an affliction of luxury, an indisposition reserved for those who have the time to spare. The fact is: you can write under any circumstance, however this can be much more   [ Read More … ]

Egos and writing

Mar - 21 2018

There is a big difference between ego and egocentric. Ego: a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Egocentric: thinking only of oneself, without regard for the feelings or desires of others; self-centered. We all have egos. If you want to do things well and are good at your job you might come across as over-confident but   [ Read More … ]

Traps for aspiring writers

Mar - 19 2018

Never believe that if you write it they will come. That only happens in movies. Being an author is equal parts marketing to equal parts writing. And never for one moment believe that any of it is easy. Most best selling authors had a marketing strategy long before the book hit the shelves. Another misconception   [ Read More … ]

Writing energizes and exhausts me

Mar - 16 2018

I’m passionate about what I write and from the moment I sit at my computer I receive a boost of energy. When I really get into my character’s real problems it leaves me exhausted. I feel their pain and welcome their joy but with each obstacle that they face I am right there with them, overcoming the hurtle. I suppose, I can   [ Read More … ]

Who wouldn’t cry

Mar - 15 2018

The first book that made me cry is ‘On The Beach’. This 1957 post-apocalyptic novel, written by British-Australian author Nevil Shute was all too real to me. I was twelve years old, certain that the world was doomed and me right along with it. The characters make their best efforts to enjoy what time remains to them, speaking   [ Read More … ]

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