Bliss – truly defined

Dec - 14 2017

Go, out and explore the world. It should not come a surprise that the things you will discover, in places you have never been before, might get your feet dirty and mess your hair but it will also make your eyes sparkle. All said, adventurers often have dirty feet, messy hair and sparkling eyes because   [ Read More … ]

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Dec - 10 2017

The Declaration was adopted, in the General Assembly of the United Nations, on 10 December 1948, from the need to commit governments to preventing the atrocities that had come to light at the end of the Second World War. It represents the first global expression of rights of which all human beings are inherently entitled. All 48 nations voted   [ Read More … ]

Life – too mysterious to take seriously

Dec - 07 2017

Aristotle was the first to attempt defining the word ‘life’ and his analysis boils down to this: life is something that grows and maintains itself and reproduces. That is a pretty basic definition of continuing life which is quite different from experiencing life. George Gershwin saw life quite differently and his lyrics in ‘Life is just a bowl of Cherries’ says   [ Read More … ]

Wake up to reality

Nov - 30 2017

Things seldom go as planned. Life is often full of hard, beautiful, broken things and wars that we fight within ourselves, causing a person to be shaken to the core by circumstances they did not expect and never could have imagined. Perfection IS an illusion and there will be bumps in the road. Everything evolves. Imagine   [ Read More … ]

Guy truths

Nov - 23 2017

Women often wonder if men are from another planet. The fact is: men and women are from the same planet – Earth – though they are very different human creatures. Men are simple – not simple minded. For example: they say what they mean and mean what they say. Women are wired to worry. Men also worry but they do   [ Read More … ]

Staying married takes work

Nov - 16 2017

All marriages, even good marriages, are susceptible to disagreements and the only way to stay married is “Don’t get divorced”. It all began with courtship, followed by love, the beautiful thing that was dangled before you, like a carrot on a stick, and very soon it was all that you could think about Then, if you have played your   [ Read More … ]

Creative people – 123 test

Nov - 09 2017

Unpredictability is often said to be the essence of creativity. And creativity is, by definition, surprising. Creative people are sensitive, visionary, impulsive and genuinely see things differently – often times more clearly than the average individual. That creativity is formed by a whole host of characteristics: intellectual, emotional, motivational and moral, making theose people more   [ Read More … ]

Robots writing fiction

Nov - 02 2017

Statistics does not paint a very pretty picture regarding job security for the established and recognized professionals (doctors, lawyers, teachers, architects, engineers, even journalists) who seemingly have a definite and specific end-goal, drawing a clear line of demarcation in respect to their particular fields, owning the perfect algorithms which allows technology to replace them. It   [ Read More … ]

Economic inequality is widening

Oct - 26 2017

Rich Stay Rich, Poor Stay Poor is the new trend with the top 20% holding 70% of Canada’s wealth while its very poorest segment has no share at all. That is a fact…a scary fact. Canada has become a place where there are a very few extraordinarily wealthy people and a growing number of very poor   [ Read More … ]

Sexual harassment – stop the madness

Oct - 25 2017

#MeToo . He might not have masturbated in front of her, or sent her an unsolicited dick-pic by text, or sexually assaulted her, but if he made her feel uncomfortable by rubbing his male parts against her then she was abused and assaulted. There are those who do take it even further – maybe she was drugged then raped   [ Read More … ]

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