Smelling books for pleasure

Aug - 09 2018

National Book Lovers Day, August 9th, encourages you to find your favorite reading place, a good book and read the day away. Soak up the wonderful sensation of bibliosmia, named after the Greek words for ‘book’ and ‘smell’, the effect the book has on the nostrils as you breathe in the scent of the pages. Books have a scent   [ Read More … ]

What’s in my name

Aug - 03 2018

Wasylciw: Wasyl is a variation of Vasyl, Ukrainian for Basil, meaning king and in Greek  the name Vasyl means regal. Petro (Peter) Wasylciw was born on August 10th 1882 in what was then the city of Borscsov, Poland. Marja (Mary) Turkewycz was born January 31st 1885 in the same city.  Peter and Mary were married on   [ Read More … ]

Predatory Marriage – Love Nevermore

Jul - 27 2018

It is all too easy for a vulnerable person to be taken advantage of when romance is involved. And it not only happens to the elderly. Today, most people marry their approximate social equals and hypergamy was once redeemed by wealthy men seeking a virtuous ‘poor’ woman. But sometimes the tables turn and that less than virtuous man is   [ Read More … ]

Abibliophobia – book lover’s fear

Jul - 20 2018

The morbid fear of running out of reading material. As odd as this may seem, many people experience mild forms of this condition every day. A voracious reader will experience a mild form of abibliophobia if you leave the house only to realize you accidentally left all your books behind. The abibliophobic personality is easily identifiable at a   [ Read More … ]

If you think you’re a book nerd

Jul - 13 2018

Then you probably are! Pat yourself on the back. Book nerds love books unapologetically. And being the designated book nerd in your family or social circle can be an important job. It brings with it a certain set of expected experiences. Most everyone knows a book nerd, and if you don’t, you might want to. Book nerds are a   [ Read More … ]

Getting book reviews

Jul - 06 2018

Get people talking about your book, because nothing sells books better than word of mouth. Most authors do not have a marketing background and often take the wrong approach when it comes to marketing, falsely assuming that any review is a good review. While the author is looking for publicity the reader must also be considered.   [ Read More … ]

Canada Day

Jul - 01 2018

One hundred and fifty one years ago, July 1, 1867, a nation was born when Canada enacted the Constitution Act, uniting Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – to create the Canadian Confederation, called the Dominion of Canada. In the years that followed, the other provinces and territories joined the Dominion, making today’s Canada a mari usque ad mare   [ Read More … ]

Build a unique character – with flaws

Jun - 29 2018

No one is perfect. Characters must be believable, captivating, unique, vivid, lovable or hateful. In fiction – as in life – you want the experience to go beyond the obvious. One dimensional characters are flat. Boring characters make for a boring story. Give your characters meaty biceps or thin shanks, hemophilia, courage, neuroses, penchants for vegetarianism or anorexia and   [ Read More … ]

National Indigenous Day

Jun - 21 2018

For many generations, many of Canada’s First Nations’ people celebrated their culture and heritage on or near this day, the Summer solstice, June 21, which makes it appropriate that these two events are jointly observed. There are three Indigenous groups in Canada: the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. This is the time to celebrate the unique heritage,   [ Read More … ]

Mid summer solstice

Jun - 21 2018

Was Stonehenge a temple, a parliament, a graveyard or was it a healing ground? Questions aside, Stonehenge is the best place to witness the summer solstice. The word, solstice, comes from the Latin words sol, meaning Sun and sistere, meaning to come to a stop or stand still. On the day of the June solstice, the Sun   [ Read More … ]

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