If I could not write what I would do

Apr - 20 2018

I cannot imagine life without writing. But seemingly it is happening – worldwide. One of the biggest changes in modern writing is the slow decay of what are called function words: the articles (the and a) and particles (if, then, and well). These words often get dropped in texts. If this trend continues, we might all   [ Read More … ]

Leitmotifs in writing

Apr - 19 2018

An author’s catch-phrase is simply a ‘reused’ line, or recycled variation of a previously used piece of literature. It does not have to be a running gag, a shout out, a bad experience or a line of dialogue. It can simply be a descriptive phrase with a meaningful echo. I have my own recurring phrase, a little literary déjà   [ Read More … ]

Spring-cleaning your writing

Apr - 17 2018

Is your writing cluttered? Start by restructuring. Hone your editing skills. Remember that less is often more. Strong sentences are generally short and direct. Streamline – edit out unnecessary words. Frequent offenders include adverbs like ‘actually’, ‘basically’, currently’ and ‘seriously’. Rearranging a sentence can make it more intense. Let it become your automatic style. Whatever you write,   [ Read More … ]

International Good Deeds Day

Apr - 15 2018

Doing Good is the essence of life. Most people hold to moral values and would retrieve a child from a raging river and most of us would avoid murdering or refrain from other acts we find intuitively wrong. Have you ever felt a rush after doing a good deed? Ever noticed you were more relaxed after   [ Read More … ]

Average time to write a book

Apr - 13 2018

A question commonly asked and the short answer is – however long it needs! But it also depends on who has the stop-watch, and if brewing and editing time is calculated.There is drafting time and there is editing time. It can take ‘me’ anywhere from six months to two years to write a book. When I   [ Read More … ]

Hardest scene to write

Apr - 12 2018

Death scenes are the hardest for me to write and not because I don’t know what to write. It is because I am crying so hard that I have to stop and weep. I know, in Chapter One, who is going to die yet when it comes time to write the scene I am an emotional wreck.   [ Read More … ]

Selecting character names

Apr - 10 2018

Names are important. There is a big difference between a Tommy and a Guido, a Elizabeth and a Susie and a name can set the tone. I generally write about ordinary people with everyday problems and I want my characters to have ordinary, functional names. I have never used old fashioned names like Titus Hunfrid and Jabez Sloughfinger but   [ Read More … ]

Reading book reviews

Apr - 09 2018

Reviews are designed for readers. They are important and are there for readers to connect and engage, an avenue to discuss what worked and what didn’t, and why other readers might enjoy a title or want to make a different choice. Reviews are not designed for writers. But, regardless, I most certainly read my book   [ Read More … ]

What is your spiritual animal

Apr - 06 2018

The moment I was asked that question, I thought I knew the answer. But then I wondered. The question is: how do you know when you have found your spiritual animal? Is it when you are driving your Jeep down a dusty backroad and stop for lunch then come across an abandoned wolf cub in   [ Read More … ]

Writers write

Apr - 04 2018

There are good writers and bad writers – but all writers spend passionate hours arranging words on pieces of paper. I am passionate about my writing and write about many subjects. It is better to be interested and write about in the world in which we live – though hard to be an expert on the social issues.   [ Read More … ]

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