10 Essestial Marketing Tips

Feb - 21 2019

Books do not sell themselves. And when it comes to book marketing, it is more a marathon than a sprint, requiring strategy and efforts compounded over time. After putting your heart and soul, and sweat and tears, into writing a book, you deserve every chance of success. Smart book marketing will make that a reality.   [ Read More … ]

Targeting your audience

Feb - 14 2019

Building a strategy without a clear understanding of your audience is a bit like setting a boat adrift without navigational tools. Take action. Work towards a specific goal. Begin your campaign with a strong understanding of your audience to ensure your success. However, by targeting a specific market does not mean that you are excluding people   [ Read More … ]

How to make a living with writing

Feb - 07 2019

Writing is actually a proper job and requires the same dedication as any paid job . It is not easy to make a living writing as a novelist. Begin by being versatile. Do content writing, copywriting for agencies, ghost-writing or blogging. Refine your art and get exposure. Invest in yourself. Every step takes time, energy,   [ Read More … ]

Being active on Social Media

Jan - 28 2019

Online marketing takes TIME, plenty of time. The struggle is to balance between social media and writing. Writers must write but it is all in vain of you have no audience. Social media has changed the face of communication. Everyone from your mailman to your grandma has a Facebook account, if not an Instagram, Pinterest   [ Read More … ]

Perkins’ Ghost – Chapter Thirty Three

Jan - 21 2019

READ FOR FREE CHAPTER THIRTY THREE HILL, ONCE AGAIN, read the note that Gary had written. It was the confession that he had instinctively known would come. It did all tie together, the past to the present, and oddly enough it was premeditated. Although, as he read it for the fourth time, he knew that   [ Read More … ]

Perkins’ Ghost – Chapter Thirty One

Jan - 19 2019

READ FOR FREE CHAPTER THIRTY ONE GARY BOWERS played Roger Perkins in Scarlett’s play. He was David’s long-time friend and was suffering the loss of this dearest buddy more than anyone realized. They had been the very best of companions for the whole of their lifetimes, from when they had first played in sandboxes together.   [ Read More … ]

Perkins’ Ghost – Chapter Thirty

Jan - 18 2019

READ FOR FREE CHAPTER THIRTY DETECTIVE CARTER, Sergeant Hill and Officer Golden sat staring at the evidence board. A file containing the dozens of witness statements lay open on one corner of Hill’s desk. On the opposite corner was a folder that held all the statements from the theatre volunteers, along with Scarlett’s, and those   [ Read More … ]

Perkins’ Ghost – Chapter Twenty Nine

Jan - 17 2019

READ FOR FREE CHAPTER TWENTY NINE HILL THOUGHT about what Carter had told him and decided that it was time to have a serious talk with Alexis. When he drove up to her house he saw that she was sitting, as she usually was of late, on her front porch. He wheeled his car into   [ Read More … ]

Perkins’ Ghost – Chapter Twenty Eight

Jan - 16 2019

READ FOR FREE  CHAPTER TWENTY EIGHT AS MUCH AS Hill knew that Scarlett would be distressed in talking about the play, the murder and the KOR, he decided to phone her anyway. “Scarlett, Sergeant Hill here. I’d like to have a chat if you have the time.” “You know I have the time. What else   [ Read More … ]

Perkins’ Ghost – Chapter Twenty Seven

Jan - 15 2019

READ FOR FREE CHAPTER TWENTY SEVEN FOLLOWING ALL the grief that had been connected with David’s death, the whole town seemed pleased when word spread that Tiffany was pregnant. The general feeling of doom and gloom evaporated and a celebratory mood emerged. The quilting-bee group got together and began stitching a quilt for the unborn   [ Read More … ]

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