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Canadian author, L.M. Wasylciw writes with an aim to enlighten her readers and empower action. She is passionate about humanity and protecting the earth.

“In this complex world I do my best to make sense of the issues that don’t make sense to me.”

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L.M. Wasylciw addresses real problems that people face, by crafting them into a novel, believing that it is better to bring them to the table rather than attempting to hide them away, on the pretense that they do not exist.

“Many people face traumatic or stressful experiences and it can unravel their lives. It gives me great satisfaction to provide a better understanding of those difficult situations.”

Wasylciw is an adventurer at heart and a lover of the planet and all creatures that inhabit it. She is passionate about humanity and worries about what people are doing to the earth. She looks at the world’s problems with an open mind, feeling that it is the best way to clearly see.

Wasylciw grew up a remote farming community but is no longer the little girl with childhood ideas. She has plodded along, changing and becoming someone different from her parents and siblings, and now holds on to views of her own. Wasylciw welcomes each day for it is the avenue to another experience and a time for learning something new.

When she is not writing she is thinking about what she will next write and has a never-ending flow of ideas to shape into another story.

“Writing is more than a passion.

It has become an addiction.”