Hello and Welcome

Linda aka Scry

Canadian author L.M. Wasylciw writes almost every day, often about subjects that touch close to her heart, not avoiding sociological issues that are all too frequently swept under the carpet. Linda feels that it is better to talk, and write, about real issues rather than attempting to hide them away, on the pretense that they do not exist.

Linda’s writing is best described as

diverse, eclectic & off-beat.

Her collection of stories contain a spectrum of topical subjects that range from murder to online dating and sex addiction, dating violence to homelessness. There is also a story about poverty and life within a dysfunctional family and another of missing and murdered aboriginal women. Then, for the reader who is searching for a story that is on the lighter side, there is also a spiritual novel – reflecting Linda’s concerns about the world. And for the writer with a lifelong dream to author a book, Linda has recently published ‘Writer to Author – 10 easy steps (plus mastering marketing)’.

But it doesn’t stop there for Linda writes everyday. She is happiest when writing and has an endless number of stories inside her head, ready to be shared.

Most recently, Linda has begun writing stories

for middle grade children and youths

under the pen name Professor Scry.