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Eclectic fiction that hits close to home.  

Canadian author, L.M. Wasylciw is constantly trying to make sense of things that do not make sense to her. She is intrigued by human behaviour, leading her to spend a great deal of time analyzing what people do and why.

“I write stories that are firmly rooted in real life; with the aim that the subject matter will resonate long after reading.”

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“Social issues have their place, at the table, not hidden away, on the pretense that they do not exist. Traumatic, stressful experiences can unravel people’s lives and I do my best to provide a better understanding of those difficult situations.”

Linda welcomes each day for it is the avenue to a new experience and a time for learning. She is an adventurer at heart and a lover of the planet, including all creatures that inhabit it, and spends a great deal of time worrying about what people are doing to our Earth.

When she is not writing she is thinking about what she will write next, and has a never-ending flow of ideas to shape into another story.

“To me, writing is more than a passion.

It has become an addiction.”